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"SRC Energy service" informs the company's partners about the release of Thermostat SQ 10.03 for floor heating system


We invite all interested parties to cooperate in the joint development of new products


"SRC Energy service" informs the company's partners about the release of the line of Underfloor heating SQ2 based on heating mats


Welcome to the site of the plant for the production of heating cable LLC "SIR Energy service»


The proposal to manufacture of OEM product

SRC ENERGY SERVICE has been working in the market of electrical products for many years and is a developer and manufacturer of electrical heating cables for various electrical heating systems.

Availability of own production, technological and design base allows the company to provide any needs of customers in goods and accessories for electric heating systems of any complexity.

Today, our plant has enough production capacity to provide any amount of production of heating cables. In this connection, we offer interested organizations to consider the possibility of production of cable electric heating systems in our production facilities under your brand - the so-called production of OEM product.

Our company can offer the production of such products in the basic version of RETail delivery, so products ready for sale on the shelf for the end user, and other options and OEM supply.

We offer you to consider the possibility of production and supply of the following systems:

  • underfloor heating for space heating, with a large selection of various cable and film systems designed for different power and area;
  • ready kits protect pipes from freezing, the piping lengths from 1 meter to 50 meters;
  • heating cable various lengths and specifications for use in cable heating systems of any complexity: pipelines, tanks, elements of the roof and gutter systems

We would be grateful if your choice of Supplier will focus on the products of our production company.

We are ready to discuss the terms of cooperation on a case-by-case basis and provide assistance and support in case of various technical issues.

04.06.2018 00:17
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