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OEM solution


Our factory offers production of cable heating systems at our manufacturing facility under your brand. Two types of product are offered for production: OEM and RET product.

RET – product. The full cycle of production of the customer's trademark, including both production of the product and operations accompanying this cycle: development of design and production of packaging products, development and production of marking products, development and production of documentation. You get the finished product to be delivered to the shelves in stores or to the end user.

OEM product. The production cycle of this type of product does not include the development and production of visual support. The product is delivered in a minimum configuration in the form of packaging in gripper bags or cardboard boxes without individual branding.

The production of a product on our premises is not limited to the two specified basic types of products. In each case, we apply an individual approach in accordance with Your goals and objectives and offer the most balanced solution.

Quality control

To ensure the quality of the product, SRC Energy Service has a multi-level control system:

  • Implementation of incoming tests of incoming raw materials
  • Control of the production process
  • Implementation of quality control of the released product
  • Archival storage of samples of each batch of products


Our company will take over not only the production of the product itself for Your needs, but also the laborious task of developing brand branding: packaging design and accompanying documentation for products.

Good design is the key to the success of your Brand!


All the products produced under your brand name are Packed for transportation.

Packaging can be made in branded boxes made by our designers according to your order, as well as in standard packaging when ordering products without branding


If your company is not able to pick up the order from our warehouse, we provide targeted delivery of products both on its own and with the involvement of third-party logistics companies


All manufactured products of any type, both own and OEM or RET format are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the Warranty period depends on the type of product and the terms of the contract, but not less than 24 months from the date of sale.

To ensure the warranty, SRC Energy Service has its own technical and service base..