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"SRC Energy service" informs the company's partners about the release of Thermostat SQ 10.03 for floor heating system


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"SRC Energy service" informs the company's partners about the release of the line of Underfloor heating SQ2 based on heating mats


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Infrared film

Film floor SQF-high-quality warm floor of the Russian production.

SQF floor heating is made on the basis of a thin infrared heating film and is designed to heat and maintain a comfortable temperature in various types of premises, both in commercial offices or hotel complexes, and in private apartments, cottages, in the country.

Film floor SQF can be laid under carpet, parquet Board, laminate or linoleum.

The most common heating film SQF used in the device of warm floors in the following areas:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Nursery
  • Lounge
  • Hallway


Ease of installation. Heating infrared film SQF is very easy to install, because it does not require General construction works and the device of cement-sand screed.

Efficiency. The produced film has a low power consumption due to the low specific power of 150W / m2, while most of the films are of Korean production and have a power of 220W/ m2, which immediately increases the power consumption by 30%

Security. The use of infrared heating film is not only safe, but also good for health, relieves fatigue and hypoallergenic.

High service life. Infrared film floor SQF will serve you for at least 25 years, subject to the conditions of transportation, storage, installation and operation

Quality. Infrared heating film is produced in accordance with the requirements of TR CU 004/2011 "on safety of low-voltage equipment". Manufactured and tested at TU The certificate of conformity № TC RU C-RU.10.In the customs Union

Type Meter length, m HHeating area, m2
SQF-150-1.0 2 1
SQF-150-2.0 4 2
SQF-150-3.0 6 3
SQF-150-5.0 10 5
SQF-150-10. 20 10